Serving South African Provinces of Guateng and KwaZulu-Natal

Married to Bishop Paul J. M. Kawimbe, Presiding Prelate of the Seventeenth Episcopal District, Episcopal Supervisor Yvonne C. M. Kawimbe join together to serve Southeast Zimbabwe, Southwest Zambia, Northeast Zambia, Northwest Zambia, Zambezi, Congo Brazzaville, Katanga, Kananga, Kinshasa, Mbuji-mayi, Rwanda and Burundi.

Bishop Kawimbe is the 121st elected and consecrated Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

They parent three boys, Emmanuel, Joshua, Paul Jr., and two girls, Damarius and Jemima.

Educationally, Episcopal Supervisor Kawimbe is certified in Bookkeeping and Accounts from Pitman Examinations Institute London England. She holds a Diploma in Biblical Studies from International School of Missions England; and, a certificate in psychosocial counseling. She has worked in the field of accounting during her professional career.

Presently she is the Coordinator for the Bethel A.M.E.C. Orphan and Vulnerable Children Community School.

During moments of relaxation, her hobbies include reading, learning new ideas, traveling, creative art and cooking. Her spiritual passion is prayer.